Distances to Universities

Please click on the links of alphabetic ordered university names to see the Google Map Real Time Transportation offers and duration. We are giving also average transportation duration from our own experiences beside the university campus names. Sometimes due to traffic the duration could be higher, If so please take our duration into consideration or check also another time of the day.

☞ Check the university distances below:

☞ Acıbadem University
☞ Altınbaş University Gayrettepe Campus 14 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Altınbaş University Faculty of Dentistry  30 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Altınbaş University Mahmutbey Campus 50 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Bahçeşehir University Besiktas Main Campus 10 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Bahçeşehir University Medipol Göztepe Campus 36 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Beykent University Ortaköy Campus 15 mins (by transportation)
☞ Beykent University Faculty of Law 10 mins (by transportation)
☞ Beykent University Ayazağa Campus 25 mins(by transportation)
☞ Bezm-i Alem University
☞ Boğaziçi University North Campus 15 mins (by transportation)
☞ Doğuş University
☞ Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
☞ Galatasaray University 10 mins(by transportation)
☞ Haliç University Sütlüce Campus & Medicine Faculty 15 mins (by transportation)
☞ Haliç University Şişhane Campus 13 mins (by transportation)
☞ Haliç University Business School 13 mins (by transportation)
☞ Işık University Şile Campus 70 min by University Shuttle Bus
☞ Işık University Maslak Campus 30 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul 29 Mayıs University
☞ Istanbul Arel University
☞ Istanbul Aydın University Kucukcekmece Campus 65 mins *metrobus (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus 5 mins (by walking)
☞ Istanbul Bilgi University Santral Campus 15 mins (by Shuttle Bus)
☞ Istanbul Bilgi University Kuştepe Campus 16 min (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Bilim University Esentepe Campus 9 min (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Bilim University Gayrettepe Campus 13 min (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Gelisim University Avcılar Campus 60 mins (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Commerce University – Istanbul Ticaret University 25 mins (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Kemerburgaz University 55 mins (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Kültür University  55 mins (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Medipol University
☞ Istanbul Medeniyet University
☞ Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Halkalı Campus
☞ Istanbul Şehir University Altunizade Campus 40 mins *metrobus (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul Technical University Gumussuyu, Taskisla, Macka Campuses 7 mins by walking
☞ Istanbul Technical University Maslak, Ayazaga Campus 17 mins with subway(metro).
☞ Istanbul University Avcilar Campus 55 mins *metrobus (by transportation)
☞ Istanbul University Beyazit Campus 20 mins (by transportation)
☞ Kadir Has University Campus 15 mins (by transportation)
☞ Koç University Sarıyer Campus 50 mins *metro+Dolmus (by transportation)
☞ Koç University Hospital Topkapı Campus 35 mins *metro+bus (by transportation)
☞ Maltepe University 80 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Marmara University Göztepe Campus 65 mins (by transportation)
☞ Marmara University Bahçelievler Campus 40 mins (by transportation)
☞ Marmara University  Nişantaşı Dentistry Campus 15 mins (by walking)
☞ Marmara University  Anadoluhisari Campus 50 mins (by bus)
☞ Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts 10 mins (by transportation)
☞ Nişantaşı University Maslak Campus  30 mins (by transportation)
☞ Nişantaşı University Nisantasi Campus  10 mins (by walking)
☞ Okan University Beyoğlu Campus 10 minutes (by walking)
☞ Okan University Tuzla Campus 110 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Özyeğin University 75 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Piri Reis University 75 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Sabancı University 70 min by University Shuttle Bus
☞ Üsküdar University Central Campus 40 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Üsküdar University Downtown Campus 35 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Üsküdar University Clinic NP 110 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Yeditepe University 65 mins (by transportation)
☞ Yeni Yüzyıl University 30 minutes (by transportation)
☞ Yıldız Technical University Beşiktaş Campus 15 mins (by transportation)
☞ Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus 30 mins (by transportation)